Sheila Granger

Sheila Granger ontwikkelde het concept van een virtuele maagband voor gewichtsverlies met gebruik van hypnose in 2010.
Het kreeg een wereldwijde positieve aandacht in de media.

Zowel locale als nationale media raakten erg geïnteresseerd in de resultaten.
Zo zijn er artikelen verschenen in verschillende kranten waaronder: The Sun, The Daily Express, The India Times en The Yorkshire Post.

Van de website van Sheila Granger:

Sheila Granger is a Lifestyle Engineer and professional UK Clinical Hypnotherapist, who is recognised internationally for her pioneering work, in particular with The Virtual Gastric Band concept for weight control. Her work is fully supported byThe General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

Based in a doctor’s surgery in East Yorkshire, she has worked with and helped hundreds of clients with all manner of issues to re engineer their habits, thoughts, behaviours and lifestyles.

Her motivation is clear and simple, to help people, to ‘make a difference’.

Everyday in her clinic, she witnesses the absolute power and capability of the human mind to make life enhancing changes, bringing about real quality of life outcomes.

With a real passion and dedication, all her work is very much tailored to the individual as we are all different and unique.

If you would like to learn more, or if you have an issue you would like to discuss confidentially and with no obligation, please feel free to call Sheila on 01482 863659 or send an email to she would love to make a difference to you.